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Il Riformista: Detenuto operato al cuore rimesso in cella dope 48 ore

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Il Riformista: Mercoledi 10 Febbraio 2010
Detenuto operato al cuore rimesso in cella dope 48 ore

Our Supposed Free Press

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Here, we would like to address the Press:

People tend to react uncomfortably to reports that there are members of our government institutions whose sole purpose is to investigate, interrogate, intimidate, and harass legitimate citizens, whose ideas and ways may differ from the norm.

Our supposed Free Press when faced with such stories rarely push hard enough against the people or methods behind the accounts. The story itself is always more newsworthy. Insinuations derived from established sources such as the police, army or government agencies are often accepted at face value without addressing the possible real motives behind the accusations.

IN GOLD WE TRUSTChapter: The Escape tells the true story of this occurrence. The plan of the escape from Scotland Yards came from an Italian comic book: DIABOLIK, not from the Mafia as our supposed Free Press publicised. This is one of the first incorrect defaming articles written towards Tony and Robert Papalia claiming connection to the Mafia that are still ongoing today.


Le persone sono a disagio di fronte alle denuncie fatte dal governo e delle istituzioni che trapelano come unico intento quello di investigare, interrogare, intimidire e tormentare legittimamente i cittadini le cui idee e modi di fare sono fuori da ogni canone.

La così detta “libertà di stampa” quando è messa di fronte a certe storie, raramente reagisce contro le persone o i modi di fare di chi conta veramente. La stessa “notizia” deve essere sempre sensazionale. Le Insinuazioni che provengono da fonti autorevoli come la polizia, i militari o le agenzie governative sono sempre nominalmente accettabili senza la possibilità di appurare i reali motivi che ci sono dietro alle accuse.

Book Information

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Title: In Gold We Trust
Subtitle: The True Story of the Papalia Twins and Their Battle for Truth and Justice
Published: September 2009
Pages: 364
Size: 6×9
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Perfect Bound Softcover
ISBN: 9781425122898
Price: $29.99
Casebound Hardcover
ISBN: 9781426916687
Price: $39.99
Bookstore orders: Trafford Publishing
Available internationally online in 15 countries
Available March 2010 Chapters