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ESCLUSIVE: Interview of truth with Tony Papalia, who tells us about the misadventures and false accusations of which he has been a victim for many years with his brother.

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Marco Polo
27 November – 3 December 2007

ESCLUSIVE: Interview of truth with Tony Papalia, who tells us about the misadventures and false accusations of which he has been a victim for many years with his brother.

By, Rino Vultaggio

Vancouver: The Papalia brothers, after almost forty years of work and dedication in gold mining and other metals in Canada and world-wide: Today, they find themselves mixed up in a vicious complex net of a judicial misadventure. They have many precious metals deposits to bring into production. The competition does not give the Papalias any rest. Recently, like lightening, apparently in a clear sky, one of the Twins, Roberto Papalia, a Vancouver resident, without explanation, was arrested in Milan, Italy. Against him, they formulated the accusations of Mafia association, promotion of phantom mines and garbage shares. At this point, the Editor of Marco Polo received a phone call from Tony Papalia; also a Vancouver resident, letting him know that he would like to have an interview to bring light the factual truth.

Q: We ask Tony immediately for what motive Robert Papalia was arrested on the 23rd of October?
A: Dear Vultaggio, the story of the Papalias has its roots in 1960s, however, in 1970 we were approached by persons that were agents of the government and without too many preliminaries told us to abandon the Lillooet Project and the work for them.

Q: Who are they?
A: Agents of the government, maybe acting for third parties.

Q: What did you answer?
A: That we would not even had considered such an offer. At this time they threatened us that if we would not accept their offer, they would make our life impossible.

Q: How – In what way?
A: Slandering us, spreading lies and false accusations with the purpose that we are Mafia, with the purpose to sabotage all our working plans that consist in the extraction of gold from our mineral concessions.

Q: As it seems (from all the material published in the press and the internet) until today, they seem to have succeeded in making every attempt to develop the mines to fail. Actually, in fact these attempts have gone regularly badly. How come they have all this power?
A: Simple, once they brand you as Mafia, they have condemned you with a stigma not easy to cancel from police archives.

Q: Explain yourself better.
A: I want to say that it is the word of a presumed Mafia person against theirs.

Q: By theirs, do you mean that chiefs of the big corporations that control the market of precious metals?
A: Them also, certainly the real Mafia, aggressively forceful is them that they can do what they want. They have so much money available that they can corrupt and buy anybody. It’s like the cat playing with the mouse.

Q: What is the weapon that they normally use against you?
A: Naked shorts in the market and slander in the press.

Q: What do they do?
A: They are trained to manipulate the share price of companies on the market by illegal means, one of which is naked shorting, making share prices tumble, creating bad reputations for the companies in the market place.

Q: How?
A: They sell shares in the market of our companies without owning them (naked shorting). They bring companies to ruin and they are too strong to be beaten most of the time. Vancouver has been many times the EPI Center of big manipulation of shares and scandals of this type to the point that the Vancouver Stock Exchange was closed and merged with the Toronto Stock Exchange. That was the way to avoid the scandal that was erupting in Vancouver

Q: So is Vancouver the black sheep of the market?
A: No. Not only Vancouver. Montreal also was ruined by political maneuvers. During that period, early 70s they infiltrated Quebec and destroyed the market by attacking the principal financial players. During that period, we and a meeting with the Minister of Justice of Quebec and we reported to him what was happening to the stock market of Quebec and who was behind the sabotage of the Montreal Stock Exchange.

Q: What happened, who were they and what did they ask you –these types that were acting illegally?
A: The person we had the most interaction was Kelsey Merry. He always insisted that we should leave everything and work for his group. We realized that we were dealing with dishonest people, determined to make us fail in our own business. I repeat, we were so sure of his dishonest actions that we reported him to the Justice Minister in Quebec. Seeing himself rejected and discovered starts to spread false information and slander all over the place. He starts spreading rumors that we were in the Mafia; these lies send to ruin our company on the Montreal Stock Exchange, Pacific Nickel. The Papalias were developing technologies for British Columbian projects. At that time we were strong financially in the market and we could finance projects. We were at the crest of the wave.

Q: What else did he do – this Kelsey Merry?
A: Urgently, I was advised by the Directors of Pacific Nickel, while I was in British Columbia, amongst them an ex-judge, they informed to stop everything and to leave Canada because we were risking a lot, including our lives. After these threats, we urgently transferred ourselves to the Bahamas, aborting with a broken heart all our companies in Canada, with gigantic financial losses to ourselves.

Q: At this point what did you do without finance and far from Canada?
A: Well, if we were really Mafia, we would have fixed everything. I would not be here telling you about this sad story. However, we did not lose our spirit and with patience and hard work we established our companies in the Bahamas, hoping they would leave us alone to work in peace. It did not happen that way. The prosecution by these people continued abroad.

Q: So these (sharks) were definitely planning to have you shut down also abroad?
A: Certainly and always with the same tactic, so goodbye Bahamas. We decided then to head to Europe. In London we were negotiating the acquisition of a London bank and we were completing the financing for our mines for the extraction of metals. However, also here the usual Canadian frame-up artists sent our business plans up in smoke.

Q: In what year did this attack happen?
A: We were in 1976. The abuse toward us at this time was of great proportion. Obviously they accused us again of the same falsehoods. Phantom mines that don’t exist or that they have nothing and on top of that we are criminal Mafia. I am arrested and tried for 700 days. In the biggest trial in British history, a real record!

Q: How did this story end with Scotland Yard in this case?
A: They had weaved a spider web of gigantic proportions, but at the end the Papalias were found innocent of all the accusations by proving their innocence and that they were not Mafia and their mine of Lillooet in British Columbia in Canada had really a deposit of 300 million ounces of gold and the same amount of platinum. The structure belongs to Metals Research and there were over 200 witnesses, which demonstrated geologically and scientifically independently to do so.

Q: From where does this information regarding the mining concessions come from and how is it possible to demonstrate the contrary once and for all?
A: The situation is complex: From over thirty years until today, these individuals have given us no rest. The office of disinformation of the Canadian Government together with the Canadian Embassies around the world continues to spread false information about the Papalias.

Q: At this point what pushed you to continue seeing no conclusion of your efforts – something that would demolish anyone?
A: Our staying power. People like us don’t bend easily to injustice and abuse of power by some powerful people that think only to their interests against justice and democracy.

Q: Can you shortly conclude because here we have a story of forty years and it would a book to conclude and explain it all?
A: Certainly, as to this subject, the book of the story of the Papalia brothers will be published soon. It will leave nothing out. It will be faithful to the facts that happened, revealing the names of the people involves in this scandal. I understand the nature of the problem is attributable to the competition: greedy and monopolistic without scruples or souls with false information that manipulate the authorities and blind the truth. They have created an imaginary monster with the sole intention to keep under control the commerce of gold and naturally its price and its profits.

Q: It seems that until today they have successfully done so, but you and your brother don’t seem to have the intention to let go and do other things. Another question just to change the subject, what is your affiliation with Mariano Turrisi, which we have learned recently, he was arrested in France with the usual accusations of Mafia association. Turrisi, was the Vice-President of the newly born political party of the Italian Monarch, Prince Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy with an office besides the Chigi Palace in Rome. To finish my question, what ties you to Vito Rizzuto of Montreal, accused and arrested of homicide in a shoot out between the Mafia clans in New York during the 80’s? For this long question, I expect a short answer. Thank you.
A: With Vito Rizzuto there is a friendship that was born during my junior high school years. Vito Rizzuto until a few years ago was a free citizen like everyone else. He was arrested for something that supposedly happened 20 years ago in the United States. Whether he is innocent or guilty is for the justice system to decide. As far as Mariano Turrisi, associate of Emanuel Filiberto (also president of the Made in Italy Group), we met in Russia while I was having meetings with the local government agencies. Turrisi was financing the new political party called Valori e Futuro and he was promoting Made in Italy. I liked both ideas and I joined him in his political and business efforts that seemed to me to be legal and legitimate. I think the problem when it started to be known that Filiberto of Savoy was entering the Italian political arena under the nose of the big politics of Chigi Palace, with Turrisi screaming to the four winds that the Italian political system was corrupt, decadent and untrustable and that soon an army of young people would broom away the old dirt of Italian politics. To this situation add the participation of the Papalia brothers to this movement and here arrive again the phantoms of the past and half a dozen people are surprisingly arrested and amongst them are Mariano Turrisi and Robert Papalia, my brother. With which accusations you ask yourself? Always the same: the ones that have been following us for years slander without proof. A stamp you cannot delete.

Q: So we start again from the beginning. What remains to do? Aren’t you tired and don’t you want to put an end to this vicious circle? It seems that you have brought upon yourselves a vicious spell.
A: Yes, I must admit I am tired of this and this time we stepped on the toes of the big Italian political and again they bring out stories of promotion of phantom shares. They also throw across our path like a sword (Mafia). Here we are from the beginning, false information provided by the Canadian authorities, the ones that always put a spoke between our wheels. I am and remain optimistic that the truth will prove the innocence of the Papalia Twins. We, dear Vultaggio, and I will say it at loud voice we are people that have done everything according to law and within all legalities. Our father was a mounted policeman and he taught us respect, discipline and honesty. We are neither outlaws nor Mafia. But rather people that desire to live and work in peace. I finish this interview with you sending a challenge to all that don’t believe our honesty to come and check in person our mines in Lillooet and Texada. They will have the demonstration and proof of our gold and various metals. This invitation is addressed to the judicial authorities of Italy and Canada. Scientists, geologists, engineers and technicians and whoever has an interest in this sector of mining.

Q: Amen, with this dear Papalia, it’s the best defense demonstration of tangible proof and facts and rumors disappear together with slander. Cheers and thanks for the interview. Send me soon a copy of your future book.
Q: On the subject, what is the title of the book?
A: In Gold We Trust – In passing, on a kernel of lies, they built a mountain of nonsense. What else, how stupid of me!
Good Luck RV

The Making of a Farse

Friday, January 16th, 2009

Concerning the fuss created both by the SEC and BCSC, I have only two comments to make. The announcements made by Nano World were true and accurate at the time. I did not make those announcements. They were written by professional people vetted by legal staff of the company. After everyone had given their approval, they were passed in front of my desk and released. My comments: The SEC after the fiasco of Enron and WorldCom had to make themselves look good and to pick on myself and Martha Stewart. When they held the hearings of Nano World, I was not available to be present for very personal matters (deaths in the family) and the SEC proceeded to make me the scapegoat of their inefficiency. The BCSC has proceeded to hold a hearing without my presence into something they do not have any jurisdiction to do. I will be dealing with them in the near future. My actions as Chairman of Nano World were impeccable and of the highest standard. The same I cannot say about the SEC and BCSC.

Robert Papalia